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I get emails and messages daily from people asking what they can invest in and they cite amounts falling within the range of N5,000 to N5m and more! For this purpose of this post, I will be discussing what you can do with about N1,000 – N400,000 in terms of investments. Please watch out for my other posts on other forms of Investments and  what you can do with bigger funds.
Let me quickly differentiate between saving and investing (savings and investments). The act of Saving is setting aside an unspent sum on a regular basis from your income. The end result of this is SAVINGS (which is an accumulation of your saving acts). Your savings therefore is an Asset. Investing  on the other hand is  putting money aside for the purpose of profiting from it. It is for the long haul and the main reason for investing is to build wealth; that is making your money work for you.  Your Investing acts culminate in you having INVESTMENTS! 

Savings are meant to be for a short term (usually a year) and for specific goals. E.g; I would like to save up money for summer vacation( Goal 1), for rent( goal 2), to purchase a property( goal 3) , for investments( goal 4). Once your goal is achieved, you then start on another set of saving goals.
You can start out by setting out a minimum of 10% of your salary towards savings and you can decide on whatever you want to invest it or use it for other purposes. Remember that Investments would always yield bigger and better than savings anytime because of the power of compound interest.
When I wanted to start investing, I joined a thrift scheme to accumulate funds and once it was my turn to collect money, I put it in an Investment account and it’s been yielding interest for me ever since. The good thing is that you can always start small; with about N5,000  and build it up or start big; It’s all dependent on what your resources can afford.
In this post, I will address those who have a minimum of N5,000 to invest and even if you have much more than that, you definitely can open investment accounts for your children. I speak from my personal experiences and a bit of research, but as always, I’d advise you make inquiries as to wherever you want to put your money. Do your Due Diligence always.
N5,000 is a good place to start an investment account and you can build on that gradually; although  there are newer investment options that avail you the opportunity of starting with N1,000!( See below)

What can you invest in with N1,000, N5,000 ( say to about 400,000)?
You can start small and grow your investment account by setting aside a particular sum of money periodically. I will explain the most basic investment funds you can start with.
  1. Mutual Funds( Money Market Funds)
This is one of the easiest and low-risk investment funds every beginner can opt for. Under Mutual Funds, investors with small amounts of money come together and a professional; fund manager rallies the funds and invests them as a lump sum in different funds; Such as securities issued by the government ( via CBN) such as Treasury Bills, Bonds etc. These types of funds are usually safe and very liquid. You can usually top up your account on a regular basis and principal is guaranteed. Please always ask your professional fund manager about these two factors; Can I add more money intermittently and Is my capital guaranteed? .  You can easily opt out too. (But remember Investments are supposed to be for a longer term).
The secret to building your funds is to keep reinvesting your interest. Don’t spend it. Investments are meant for building wealth on a longer term!
There are various fund types and my research shows that the different packages provided by InvestmentOne caters for different cadres and you can start with as low as N1,000.
See three types of Money Market Funds from Investment One below.

  • Abacus Fund
(Minimum investment of N1,000). Return on Investment as of March 2018 is 14.95% per annum. If you invest N100,000, this means you get about N14,000 at the end of 12 months( provided rates remain the same)
    Vantage Balanced Fund:
Minimum Investment: N10,000 ; Additional investments in multiples of N1,000 ( Return is 3.99% per annum). Typical of Saving Accounts savings interest rate.
Vantage Guaranteed Income Fund (VGIF)

is a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities and equities designed to provide capital preservation and a stream of guaranteed income. Minimum investment is N50,000. Additional investment can be made in multiples of N1. Rate of return on this is about 17.95%(as at the time of writing this post)
Obviously, it is better to invest your funds rather than putting them in the traditional savings accounts that give about a meager 4%-6% per annum.
  Stanbic IBTC also has an impressive list of Money Market Funds ( You can email me for more details)
2. Federal Government Savings Bonds.

This is an initiative of the government to raise funds from the public and you can subscribe to it through your stockbrokers. The different bonds have a tenure of about 2-3 years, with interest rates as high as 11/12%. The good thing about this is that interest is payable quarterly. With a minimum of only N5,000, It's a good way of starting out your investment journey and you can consolidate on it from time to time. It is also a good way of diversifying your investments and also for your children! 
3. Treasury Bills.

These are short-term securities issued at a discount for a tenor ranging from 91 to 364 days, such that the income received is the difference between the purchase price and the amount received at maturity or prior to the sale. You can ask your banker for the minimum sun you can invest. TBills are sold at a  discounted rate. If you are investing say N200,000 worth of the bills, you pay about N172,000 and get N200,000 at the tenure( 364 days). The peculiar thing about Treasury bills is that you can not  add to it unlike the other types of Money Market Mutual Funds.

you can also invest whatever interest you get from Tbills into a Mutual Fund and get some decent interest from it as well. 

4. Fixed Deposits

I believe almost everyone is familiar with this.
Leaving your money with a bank for a period and taking a certificate as an evidence o the bank's indebtedness to you is a common way to invest money . You are actually lending to the bank for the period of that deposit. Fixed deposit, also referred to as A bank certificate of deposit (CD), is therefore a time deposit made with a bank, usually for such tenors as 30, 60 120, 90, 180 or 365 days.

Feel free to email me at Adesola@smartstewards.com  for more details on this post and you can register with INVESTMENTONE already to start investing with whatever you have right now! Just clink to register HERE and indicate the investment type you want!

Happy Investing!

Do have a great weekend ahead and all the best.

Sola Adesakin 

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<![CDATA[Can You Call Your Resources By Name?]]>Mon, 12 Mar 2018 07:39:11 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/can-you-call-your-resources-by-nameDear Friend,

A  very fantastic New Week to you. Hoping you had a great and restful weekend.

Mine was quite interesting as I had another session of  my Masterclass last Saturday. It was entirely mind blowing and I have realized that the more I teach these money principles, the more I see the beauty of financial freedom and the better I  strive to attain it.
I woke up to this amazing whatsapp message from one of the participants and it put a smile on my face. 

"Thanks a million for all you taught today Dear Coach. 💃🏾You literally brought me through Nur 1 to SS3 on financing today. Hopefully I would advance steadily to PHD level and more in the coming months/years"
So today,  I'd like to encourage you to pay more attention to your finances; especially in the little things.
I read the Message version of some verses in proverbs and it made so much sense to me.

Know your sheep by name;
    carefully attend to your flocks;
(Don’t take them for granted;
    possessions don’t last forever, you know.)
And then, when the crops are in
    and the harvest is stored in the barns,
You can knit sweaters from lambs’ wool,
    and sell your goats for a profit;
There will be plenty of milk and meat
    to last your family through the winter.

(Proverbs 27:23-27)

The bit that struck a chord is the part that says Possessions don't last forever. Yes If it's not carefully managed. No matter how rich a man is, if he passes his inheritance to children who are not disciplined and serious, they'd squander and mismanage the wealth.

​We are admonished to take stock of our flock( possessions ) and manage them well.


Preparing for Retirement 

And by many other means.

I hope to touch on these areas time and again.

Do have a great week ahead and all the best.

Sola Adesakin 

The 6-Month Accountability Program is in full swing and it's been an amazing journey already. Mindsets are changing, actions are being taken and the excitement is amazing.  It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!

You can whatsapp 09090175053 or click on the link above to get more information about it.

I have had a lot of amazing testimonies from those who have used the Smart Financial Organizer.  It's a very good tool for managing your finances. If you would love to get a copy of the Smart financial Organizer,  you can whatsapp 09090175053 already. Asides the Expense Tracker which you would find useful for this challenge, there are a lot more templates for your everyday money planning activities. 
<![CDATA[It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Financial Literacy..]]>Mon, 05 Mar 2018 06:42:52 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/its-never-too-early-to-start-teaching-financial-literacy Dear Friend,

A Fantastic Monday Morning To You.

Isn't it amazing how fast March is marching? I could almost say today is only the 3rd and not the 5th!

Yesterday evening, after our home-fellowship, a group of us continued an after-fellowship gist and interestingly, one thing led to another and we started to talk about our High School money escapades.

Haha, I reeled so much with laughter when a brother said on his way to school one day, he saw a one naira note on the floor and assumed he had encountered free money. He blew it on what you call "ijekuje"; i.e frivolities or junks until he later realized the "windfall" he got was his transport fare back home which had fallen out of his book where he kept it. Needless to day he had to trek a long distance back home that day!

Is there anyone who doesn't have some of those High school experiences? I could narrate many in my case! Lol.

But this morning, an incident came to mind.

I was in JSS2 thereabout and a few of my friends suggested we contributed money from our daily pocket money and use it to buy something nice. Now I can't remember if we had someone amongst us keeping the funds ; honestly this was about 26 years ago but I did remember that all I wanted to use my money for was a locally made Suede Moccasin! I think it was N300 at that time. Now that was a lot of money! Because my transport fares back home from school was only N1.50( One naira fifty kobo) and I think I got that same amount as pocket money daily.

Yes, someone had worn hers to school and said it was a shoemaker around her house that made it and my life was hung on getting it! It was too fine for me not to get it....lol

Of course, the time came for us to get the funds and I did send my money and shoe size for the Moccasin; but maybe I'd get them later this year!

None of my parents were aware of my plans and actions and the fact that I was saving up money for anything; hence I couldn't even tell them to go "fight" for me. Neither did I have any form of financial literacy of any sort to probably use the funds for something better.

I believe the children of nowadays have the tendencies of committing a lot more financial atrocities. Why? Life is way more sophisticated, funds are readily available to them much more than ever before and the pressure to wanna be is a lot more than what existed back then.

Parents, guardians, it's never too early to educate our children on money management, on good money values and expose them to financial literacy.

Let's  give them an advantage over their peers by exposing them to the world of sound financial decisions. Take them to the bank sometimes and explain basic banking transactions to them, to your office sometimes to show you don't harvest money from a tree somewhere;let them moonlight somewhere during holidays to work a few days for money or perhaps register them for skill acquisition programs during summer.

Those things they are constantly exposed to are what would stay with them way into the future.

God help us as we teach them the right things.


I started  2 New Financial devotionals on the 2nd of  March with My Facebook Women Group , but really the devotionals are for everyone including men.  One is a 10-day Financial Wisdom from Proverbs by my Financial Mentor; Dave Ramsey  and the other  a 21-day Financial Fitness by Rick Warren; Author of the Bestseller; Purpose Driven Life. It's being an amazing experience!

Join me if you are subscribed to You-Bible ( bible.com) or feel free to sign up and download the app. Oya check out this link and let's feast on the word together. https://linktr.ee/sola_adesakin .
I  try to do the daily review on my Instagram handle @sola_adesakin also, but sometimes, I may not be able to keep up with the pace. 


This Saturday, 10th of March, I would be having a Personal Finance Masterclass here in the city of Lagos. It is definitely for you if you would love to take your personal finance a notch higher in 2018. I did mention it in my last email to you.

Please Whatsapp 09090175053 to register. Send me a mail if you would like to get a special  discount code ! Just because our subscribers are special!

Marching Prosperously into MARCH 💃💃

Your Coach,

Sola Adesakin 

<![CDATA[7 Money Lessons I gotĀ  From Trading Forex.]]>Mon, 26 Feb 2018 06:00:12 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/7-money-lessons-from-trading-forexDear Friend,

Good Morning and Welcome to a Fantastic New Week.

As part of my personal development goals for 2018, I recently attended a training where we were taught the fundamentals of Forex Trading and I must say that it's one of the most interesting things that I have encountered in recent times. After trading in the market a few weeks, I thought to share my experience with you.

You see, we were told emphatically that the rate of losing money was  higher than making money, but that most importantly, one needs to have a trading plan and stick to it as that would guard against unnecessary loses and greed especially when the profit rolled in. I  found it quite difficult to believe the fact that one could make more losses than gains; after all you could be smart enough to prevent that and gain as much as you can instead.​

And so I  started trading  and realized what our teacher said was right. Nothing you do could  prevent the losses when they were bound to come.....Lol! And yes, you have no say as to improving  your gains as a lot of things would determine the market performance and it was hard to predict exactly how it would go on a daily basis.

​All you had to do was trade and your plan would keep you relatively secure by getting a good and reasonable gain and minimize ( not eliminate) the losses.

As an Accountant, it was difficult for me to reconcile the market dynamics and my training: 
Lose money ?  Why?  How ?  Each time I tried to make some quick and smart moves, I lost even more.

Forex trading has taught me  important tips about life and financial management the more.

  1. Have a PLAN for your finance (whether personal or business) and adhere to it. Have a budget and reasonable percentages for your expenses, savings and investments. 
  2. Don't be emotional or sentimental  about financial decisions.  You can't afford to; else you will get your fingers burnt a lot of times.Your Mind is an important factor for your financial success. Train your mind, tame your emotions, keep learning and practicing to become more emotionally intelligent .
  3. Be up and about with your finances, Be on top. Don't make an attempt at getting things right this week and then go into a state of comatose  for one month. Be on the move.
  4. Always apply Money Management Techniques. Don't be greedy by investing into things that promise unjustifiable high returns which you don't understand. 
  5. Count your losses quick and move on. Mistakes are sometimes bound to happen, don't let them hinder you from making better decisions in life 
  6. Never be afraid to ask questions; keep improving on your knowledge
  7. Collaborate,  Identify people with like minds, those willing to succeed with their personal finance and learn from one another ​. Roll with the right set of people.

​I hope to share more and more of my experiences from time to time as I become a Forex trading  guru!

Sola Adesakin 

Make sure you  follow me on Instagram @Sola_Adesakin to get daily tips on how you can successfully cruise through this year  financially.

The 6-Month Accountability Program is in full swing and it's been an amazing journey already. Mindsets are changing, actions are being taken and the excitement is amazing.  It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!

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I have had a lot of amazing testimonies from those who have used the Smart Financial Organizer.  It's a very good tool for managing your finances. If you would love to get a copy of the Smart financial Organizer,  you can whatsapp 09090175053 already. Asides the Expense Tracker which you would find useful for this challenge, there are a lot more templates for your everyday money planning activities. 

<![CDATA[You Can Make More Money By Meeting Needs!]]>Sun, 18 Feb 2018 18:18:16 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/you-can-make-more-money-by-meeting-needsMy Wealthy Friend,

I hope you had a fantastic  last week/  weekend.

Mine was great, save for my experiences with a new source of Income I was exploring. I got my fingers burnt a bit, but I am glad for  the new skills I acquired. I will share the gist with you sometime soon hopefully. 

​ There are two basic ways of having more money; Earning More Money or Reducing Expenses. 

A few years ago, I thought making more money was the more difficult one and that reducing expenses was easier; but with all I know today, I beg to differ! I have realized and concluded that it's a lot easier to make more money per time. What bills do you want to reduce; especially when you live in a country where Consumer Price Index(CPI) and Inflation rates are high relatively to other countries?

I know I must have shared this with you before, but for the purpose of our new subscribers,  let me relay this particular experience again.

About fifteen(15) months ago, I identified an avenue to make more money. And it so amazing how I got myself into the confectionery business. I was working somewhere where snacks were not easily accessible. If you felt peckish anytime of the day, it'd cost for a decent pack of snacks  about N400( Four Hundred Naira) for transport plus the amount of snacks itself.  At the end of the day, you end up spending what would suffice for a decent lunch meal. My dissatisfaction with spending so much everyday on what wasn't real  food led me into what has become a consistent source of Income for me.

Long and short, I started to supply snacks by purchasing them from someone who made them. After a week, I realized I could do more than being a snacks trader;  so I went for a crash training and also got someone who could teach me how to make snacks.

It's been almost one and half years of making , selling and profiting from confectioneries and its amazing the amount of money that could be made that line of business.

Earning money comes by meeting needs !

Whilst many people are bemoaning the state of the nation, events happening their community, societal ills and a lot more;  some other people are cashing in through the various opportunities that exist within difficulties. 

Do you want to make more money?

Question is what needs can you meet? Money is exchanged for value received or given most definitely.

Apart from the above business, I earn  monthly commission by selling products for at least 2 companies. All  I do is to serve as an intermediary between those who offer the service and those who need it and commission is guaranteed for me.

I customize gift items; printed items and all sorts. I don't actually print by myself, but I play an intermediary role also.

I do courses and trainings at very discounted prices but the most fulfilling part of that is the fact that people are actually impacted. 

I have shared 4 out of my 10 sources of income with you. Which of them works for you?

Go to work already!

Start small, grow steadily, save wisely, invest massively. 

Sola Adesakin 
<![CDATA[Would You Rather Play-It-Safe or Go-All-Out?]]>Sun, 11 Feb 2018 19:16:51 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/would-you-rather-play-it-safe-or-go-all-outDear Wealthy Friend,

A Pleasant Monday Morning To You wherever you are on planet earth.

I hope February is playing out just as planned with regards to your finances? Kudos to you if things are panning out well and more grease to your elbow if you are still struggling with one area or the other.
Remember, whatever you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve. Set out to achieve your goals and stay committed to them.

I was invited to speak at a church yesterday and I shared with them about the power of Investments from a biblical point of view.
Let me paste the story I shared from below. I should let you know  ahead of time that the story might sound a bit familiar!

.......A man was going off on an extended trip. He called his servants together and delegated responsibilities. To one he gave five thousand dollars, to another two thousand, to a third one thousand, depending on their abilities. Then he left. Right off, the first servant went to work and doubled his master’s investment. The second did the same. But the man with the single thousand dug a hole and carefully buried his master’s money.

“After a long absence, the master of those three servants came back and settled up with them. The one given five thousand dollars showed him how he had doubled his investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’

 “The servant with the two thousand showed how he also had doubled his master’s investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’

“The servant given one thousand said, ‘Master, I know you have high standards and hate careless ways, that you demand the best and make no allowances for error. I was afraid I might disappoint you, so I found a good hiding place and secured your money. Here it is, safe and sound down to the last cent.’

 “The master was furious. ‘That’s a terrible way to live! It’s criminal to live cautiously like that! If you knew I was after the best, why did you do less than the least? The least you could have done would have been to invest the sum with the bankers, where at least I would have gotten a little interest.

 “‘Take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most. And get rid of this “play-it-safe” who won’t go out on a limb. Throw him out into utter darkness.’ - Matthew 25:14-30; Message Version.

Did the story sound familiar? It should!

It's the popular  parable of the talents in the bible. I like the fact that the message version explained it in monetary terms as it made it more practical and easy to relate with . 

I wouldn't want to dwell so much on it, but I'd encourage you to place yourself where you fit  with regards to the actions and characteristics of the servants who got the talents. Which tendencies are you currently exhibiting? Playing things safe with your resources or going all out to maximize your opportunities( Time, Finance, Opportunities, Relationships, Etc)?

Truth is : there is nothing we Own/HOld that we really OWN. We are only custodians per time. And as custodians or managers, we have the responsibility of managing the trust absolutely well. Making, Managing and Multiplying Money. 

​I will share some practical tips on Investments in my next email to you. 

God's speed!

Sola Adesakin 


The 6-Month Accountability Program is in full swing and it's been an amazing journey already. Mindsets are changing, actions are being taken and the excitement is amazing.  It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!

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<![CDATA[On-Becoming Investment-Savvy]]>Mon, 05 Feb 2018 06:18:12 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/on-becoming-investment-savvyIt's  a Blessed Monday Morning

I trust you had a great weekend.

During the course of the week, I had reasons to review the saving accounts I opened for my sons a few years ago. The reason was because I had recently opened an investment account for them and was considering if I should move the funds in the savings account to the investment account. 
My discovery startled me. The funds in the savings account increased insignificantly over the years; as in, I am not sure it increased at all. Meanwhile, the investment account recently opened showed some appreciable increase already.

I didnt need to be told what to do. I moved the funds.

I wondered what my networth would be if my parents opened an investment account for me from birth and committed to saving maybe N5,000 monthly.  Haha, even if they handed the funds over to me at 18 or 20, It would have made a lot of sense.

Whether for you or for your children, investments are always a better option. You can save up money to make it substantial; but move it into investments soon enough so you can start to enjoy good returns. And the good thing is that nowadays, you can invest as little as N5,000, N10,000 and so on.

As I passed by a tomato seller around my place yesterday, I drew an inspiration as usual.

What if the Hausa men never kept behind some of their seeds for the purpose of replanting? But because they harvest and replant, millions are benefiting from their gesture in form of food and business opportunities.

Your money management actions whether good or bad affect a lot of people and things. You are either causing surplus or deficit ; not only to your immediate family , but your society as well. Your investment in Treasury bills/ mutual funds/ a business may be a loan to be made available to a struggling entrepreneur somewhere. It may be hard to directly quantify, but everything we do or do not do have ripple effects. When You save money, it's for your ultimate good.

Time, Money, Relationships and whatever Resources you have are to be managed well. They are all seeds that have the capacity to generate a hundred, thousand and million-fold returns.

I'd talk about investments this month God willing.

Enjoy your week ahead!

Sola Adesakin 


The 6-Month Accountability Program is in full swing and it's been an amazing journey already. Mindsets are changing, actions are being taken and the excitement is amazing.  It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!

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<![CDATA[The February "Record-Your-Every-Expense" Challenge]]>Thu, 01 Feb 2018 11:39:41 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/the-february-record-your-every-expense-challengePicture

​Dear Wealthy Friend,

Wishing You A Happy New Month of February !

Thought to inform you about what's happening at the Smart Stewards Tribe this new month :

The Smart Stewards "Record-Your Expense Daily " Challenge !

It's a simple one and here it is:   Ensure to record every single Expense you make on a daily basis up to the smallest dime! How possible? Very Possible! 

Whether on your phone, on an excel sheet, in a journal(or diary) or better still in the Smart Financial Organizer; all you need to do is to record every single naira, dollar , pound , yen  or whatever currency you spend. ( Cash, Transfers/ Pos or in whatever form)

The beauty of this challenge is that at the end of February, you would be able to sum up all you have recorded and realize how much you spend monthly! That will be a fantastic way of analyzing your finances going forward and developing a sound budget. 

What do you think? 
Are you  in? Then Tag your friends also or forward this mail to them. 

Make sure you  follow me on Instagram @Sola_Adesakin to get daily tips on how you can cruise through this month financially. 

If you would love to get a copy of the Smart financial Organizer,  you can whatsapp 09090175053 already. Asides the Expense Tracker which you would find useful for this challenge, there are a lot more templates for your everyday money planning activities. 

So excited!

Let's go💃

Sola Adesakin 

PS: Did you notice the plenty typos in my last email? Gosh, I felt so embarrassed!
​I will give you the gist about what was responsible for it later.  *sobs*.....Widegrin!
<![CDATA[Reflecting Upon Your January Financial Activities!]]>Mon, 29 Jan 2018 05:59:41 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/reflecting-upon-your-january-financial-activitiesHello There,

Great Morning To You! I trust you are in a fantastic place.

Feels like it's been ages I sent out something to encourage you; but I know I did send out a word of Motivation last week. 

So how's it going with your finances as January comes to an end? Someone wrote me an email and said

​"Sola, I cannot categorically say I have started implementing all you teach, but your mails, your articles definitely ring in my head, especially when I am about to make a bad money decision and it guides me in the right way to go"

Haha, such a heartwarming feedback. 

Rome wasn't built in a day right? so even if you are not doing the big money stuffs yet, you should be doing the small ones.  Got a piggy bank for your loose change? Got a savings account yet? Got an Emergency fund account yet? Doing Thrift Contribution? Making regular contributions in your pension account? Paying down your debts? Maybe not a yes for all, but there must be a few yeses!

It's a good time for an introspection as January comes to an end. 

I gave myself a big pat on my back right across my shoulder yesterday...lol. I reviewed my money activities and I saw I did quite well.( All my expenses were recorded, ( yes, I spent slightly above budget in some cases), I achieved my savings goals, I gave and yes,  organised a budget but nice birthday event for one of my sons. Took a risk, but it played out well.

You see, there's this feeling of satisfaction you get when you manage your money well. Don't worry, walk with me and soon, you'd have such multiple giddy feelings day-in, day-out.

If you don't have the Smart Financial Organizer yet, you are missing a whole lot on templates that will help you manage your finances. You get a free copy of my book "Rubies Of Wisdom when you order for one Organizer. ( Whatsapp 09090175053) for details on how to get your copies asap)

Have for yourself a fabulous week ahead and all the best always!

The 6-Month Accountability Program has started and it's been an amazing journey already. It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!
You can whatsapp 09090175053 or click on the link above to get more information about it.

Sola Adesakin 

<![CDATA[A Good Example of Wealth, Frugality and Generosity!]]>Mon, 22 Jan 2018 07:42:31 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/a-good-example-of-wealth-frugality-and-generosityMy Wealthy Friend,

A very blessed morning to you. 

Last week, I got gisting again with a big brother/mentor of mine. You see, he never ceases to amuse me because he is the most frugal person I have met. Now what excites me about the whole thing  is that He is a multi-millionaire; a billionaire actually!
I hear Him say he flies on a premium economy cabin sometimes (outside of Nigeria; say on trips from London-New York) even when he can afford to pay his first class ticket and probably plus another person's. So those planes have big legroom, their services are impeccable and you get  almost an equally good  in-flight treatment irrespective of your cabin.  With a networth of over a billion, He meticulously finances his monthly expenditure from return on his investments like Fixed Deposits; Hence capital is preserved and other income and profit go into more income generating assets. 

Too frugal yet generous to a fault, I am aware of his generosity acts and it is super commendable. 

Dangerous combination of Wealth, Frugality and Generosity. 

Each time we talk, I pick out how he imbibed  a frugal and savings culture from his late Mum and he would never cease to commend her. She got a piggy bank for him  ( and his siblings) when they were much younger and encouraged them to be savers. Not only that, She was a huge investor herself leaving an enviable investment portfolio behind for successful children who won't even bat an eyelid at what she left because they are sorted themselves!


I have made up my mind again to lay good examples for my children by striving to do the right things financially and teaching them to follow suit. 

Gone are the days where people plan so heavily around they would inherit from their parents. On a lighter note, I wonder what the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's Children should do because their parents have openly pledged and willed away their fortunes to charity upon their death!

Friend, let's do what's right with money and establish good legacies for ourselves, children and the unborn generation!

I wish you a most fulfilling week ahead!

 The 6-Month Accountability Program has started and it's been an amazing journey already. It's never late to subscribe for it if you really need to have a financial Makeover this year!

You can whatsapp 09090175053 or click on the link below to get more information about it. 

Sola Adesakin

<![CDATA[Time To Re-visit, Reduce, Re-Use, Review and Re-fire]]>Sun, 14 Jan 2018 18:57:56 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/time-to-re-visit-reduce-re-use-review-and-re-firePicture
Hey Amazing!

I had to check my calendar again to be sure it's the 15th of January for real!

How have you been by the way? Pardon my manners....

Let me share with you a lesson I have learnt over the last two weeks.

You see, one of my 10 Sources of Income is the Production and Sale of Confectioneries and Pastries. Yes, 10 sources......You read that well.  Haven't I shared the gist before? I think I have!( Hit the reply button if you want me to share the full details again *wide grin*).

So I had two ladies working with and for me along that line of business and they both had to travel last December. I had learnt the trade myself but I had also delegated the production aspect of that business to them , but  would usually give an oversight from time to time. By the way, Identifying a need made me go into that business line; although I had registered a business name for a confectionery business about 7 years ago, but  never did anything with it. 

I saw the need to provide what people could snack on around mid-day somewhere,  sometime  October 2016 and it' s been an amazing business and profiting journey since then.( Maybe it's time for you to revisit a vision you once started and dumped).

So before these ladies left, it was usually hectic. We would bake and fry all through the night and since Sunday was our main supply day, I would get to church tired and exasperated. After they left, I had two options: Continue with the business or just dump it( since it was just a side-hustle). I revisited the entire process and realized there were areas I could save time and even money on. 

Trust me, in the last two weeks,  I have single-handedly done in less than 2 hours what it would take 3 people to do in 5 hours or more! Talk about Process re-engineering, Thinking re-engineering, Time re-engineering, Less stress , Sharper me, More money and a Wider grin. Going back to working with people, but trust me, it's a new and effective process. 

 Maybe it's time to look at some of the things you have been struggling with in your business, career, family structure and whatnot. Delegate, Outsource, Reduce, Take on more, Drop off somethings, Get trained or just do whatever it is that will help you perform better and maximize your processes!

Half-month gone, it's about time to reassess your January Goals and make some good decisions!

By the way, it just occurred I never shared with you the information I am about to share below . I am quite taken aback, because I could confidently take a bet I did. 

I get a lot of messages daily from people who want me to help them with their personal or business finance. You see, I don't have a problem doing that and I absolutely delight in teaching people how to make wealth. But hey, I tell people; wealth building is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

I have painstakingly put together a 6 month Accountability Program; an intense Money makeover program to help not everyone, but a few people who want to get it right in 2018.

Commences today 15th of January, 2018 but you can opt in whenever and you get to be a part of the full course!  Whatsapp 09090175053 to get full details on it or simply reply this email and you get the full details within the minute!( See Flier Below).

Summersaulting Blessings and Overflow for you in 2018!

Wishing you all the best!

Sola Adesakin
<![CDATA[Tips For Maximizing The New School Session( Financial and Emotional Stress Free School Session)]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 07:00:34 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/tips-on-maximizing-the-new-school-sessionPicture
Dear Friend, 

Good Morning and Congratulations to all parents as our children go back to school today.

It's the fee paying week as usual and a lot of times, its an exhilarating week for most parents especially for the school term coming right after the yuletide. Proper planning is the antidote for Exasperation and like I usually teach, the best way to stay afloat of school fees stress is to always save on a monthly basis towards it.

How? Divide the total one year session's fees by 12 months and put that sum aside on a monthly basis. It puts you in a good position when the next fees come knocking. God's speed!

So now that work is in full swing and children back to school; How do we make the school session as enjoyable and financial ( and emotional) stress free as any other period of the year?

A lot of Parents, Mums especially still operate the pay-as-you-go method of shopping, meal-planning and all. It's a lot of stress especially for working Mums. 

These few tips would help you navigate this school session.

1. Plan your meals ahead, make a reasonable time table of the meals for the entire week and bulk-shop/ bulk-cook where possible.  Plan what the children would take to school on a daily basis also and ensure preparations are done the night before.

2. Schedule your laundry for the school week and execute according to plan. You don't have to wash everyday; but in a situation where you have just one school uniform for a child; daily washing becomes a necessity. Get a 2nd and 3rd pair of uniform if possible! You might think it is expensive, but the time you spend in washing every evening( and the stress on the fabric) is more expensive in the long run.

3. Plan to give pack good snacks for the children to school. Reduce the junk, pack more nutritional items for them,  especially fruits. Let them get used to eating healthy.

4. Car-pool with neighbours if possible. I know of parents who make arrangements amongst themselves as regarding school runs. Someone drops off in the morning, another picks up in the evening. School bussing sometimes is a lot more expensive than private arrangements, but some definitely do not have a choice. 

5. Reevaluate the need for after school. Do you keep your wards in the after-school program because you won't be able to get there on time or do they really need it? The lesson, the lesson teacher arrangement also; is it worth the while and very effective? What alternatives do you have?

6. How does your work or business benefit (or suffer) as a result of the school session? It's time to reflect and see how to make changes. I had a chat with a lady a while back and she was complaining on how her job schedule was negatively impacting her life and family. I asked her to ask for some working time reduction and a day off; you know what? She got it!  Yo might be able to negotiate a better work arrangement if you ask for it!

7. Have a good discussion with your spouse on how to maximize the school session  and your children; no matter how small they are on the need for them to make the best use of the term and resources.

Have a fantastic week and win throughout this week!

PS: The Smart financial Organizer has amazing templates including Weekly Meal Planner, Shopping List, Home Budget , Children Savings Journal and  a lot more Personal Finance Tools . You can get your copy by clicking on this link or Whatsapp 09090175053. You get a free copy of my book "Rubies Of Wisdom" when you purchase the Organizer. 

With Much Passion For Your Financial Success, 

Sola Adesakin

<![CDATA[Happy New Financial Year!]]>Mon, 01 Jan 2018 20:33:29 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/happy-new-financial-yearMy Wealthy Friend, 

A bigger congratulations to us all for making it into a year that promises to be amazing in all ramifications. Have you observed the excitement and optimism people have been expressing about 2018? It's a good feeling and  I pray our dreams find a platform for expression in 2018 and beyond.

How was the transition for you into the new year and how did you spend your Day 1? Goals written?  Savings plans made? Any Resolutions?

I had a very reflective and quiet first day of the year. Looks like nowadays, I enjoy being home especially during public holidays and festive period reading, reflecting and having a good quality time with the family. Real bliss  it is I must say. 

One of my sub-saving goals for 2018 is to put side N1,000 daily so I can have $1,000 come December 31st, 2018; so yesterday being the first day,  I automated my daily savings for the year . One of the inner circle members at Smart Stewards also shared  with me how she saved up N154,000 in her piggy bank between October 1st  and December 31st 2017 by saving N2,000 daily. Goals!

This year, asides pursuing our money goals, I encourage us to pursue those things that translate to real wealth and this Article from Entrepreneur explains 8 Indispensable Elements of Real Wealth (of which 7 aren't monetary).

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

Sola Adesakin

<![CDATA[Tip 18: Leverage On The Power Of Extra-Ordinary and Divine Coaching( 18 Things You Should Do Before 2018)]]>Sun, 31 Dec 2017 00:01:12 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/tip-18-leverage-on-the-power-of-extra-ordinary-and-divine-coaching-18-things-you-should-do-before-2018Hello  Beautiful!

What made you think I wouldn't send the last Tip of the series of "18 things you should do before 2018"? Of course I knew I had one more to go! 

Before I dive into that, let me congratulate you on seeing the last day of the year 2017. I know this is a Sunday morning post; I have never sent out a post on Sunday; talk less of making it this early, but I can't contain the excitement of seeing the last day in 2017 alone. I am certain you are uber-excited as I am! 

Glory to God for His mercies over us and ours throughout this amazing year!

Can I share this little secret with you?

This has been my most financially amazing year ever! 

I saved more than I ever did, Earned more than I ever did; from multiple sources, Conceived and Executed some super-intelligent ideas and above all, I met some amazing people. I achieved almost all my financial goals! I just can't but thank God for an amazing 2017.

Let me share another little secret of mine:

Some times, as soon I step into the shower and pour water on my face, I get some super duper "wowzifying" Inspiration! The heavens literally opens up on me and so I go into the shower deliberately looking forward to such divine moments! 

And this leads me into our final tip of the series:

"Leverage on the Power of Divine Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance"

Look at this interesting scripture below:

Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go- Isaiah 48:17

Wow! That scripture is so powerful.

God affirming one of the roles He plays in our lives (if we permit Him) and what role is this?

He teaches us to profit!

Wait a minute; He doesn't teach us to labour or work hard; but  even whilst we do all of that, He gives us the "expo" factor to profiting! Recession or not, fluctuation in exchange rate or not, economic crisis or not, oil price drop or not, bearish stock market or not, crash in Treasury bill rates or not, 


We will do ourselves well by leveraging on that coaching opportunity the Almighty Himself is presenting to us on a platter of Gold. All we need do is to subscribe to His tutelage.

If hardwork were to determine how rich people would be, those women that are called "Alabaru" (literally translated as someone who helps you carry your load) in the market should be amongst the wealthiest.

There is a place of work , a place of intelligence, a place of qualification and skill ; but hey, there definitely is a place of GRACE . That's what we need to tap into in 2018.

I challenge you to sharpen your walk and relationship with God; deliberately involving Him in your personal, career  and business affairs and see how that will translate to amazing economic and profitable benefits to you.

This would be my last post till next year, It's been such an amazing time blogging weekly and I am super grateful you haven't unsubscribed from my mailing list. Special thank you to those who reply my emails; it brings a wide smile to my face!

Before I go, I should ask if you have you bought the Smart Financial Organizer .

Hahaha, you haven't?  (Read This )

I shipped out copies to Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Ilorin and different parts of Lagos the same day I received them from the printer! Amazing  piece of work; It'd help you coordinate your financial activities in 2018. Please Whatsapp 09090175053 on how you can get a copy sharply!

By the way, something special is happening from January 15, 2018. I am launching my Accountability Program for those who would want to change the game of their personal finance in the new year. See flier below and read more details here.

I'd give you more gist about it in the next few days. You can also whatsapp the number above (09090175053) for inquiries.

Till I come your way next year, 

I love you from a place of overflowing love in my heart and I can't wait to read your testimonies!

Sola Adesakin
<![CDATA[Tip 17: Take Time Out ForĀ  A Personal Retreat( 18 Things You Should Do Before 2018)]]>Tue, 26 Dec 2017 07:05:27 GMThttp://smartstewards.com/blog/tip-17-take-time-out-for-a-personal-retreat-18-things-you-should-do-before-2018Hello Friend, 

Merry Christmas and Compliments of the Season to you.  

My Christmas greeting is belated right? I know. I didn't want my message to be lost in the many emails you must have gotten yesterday. Beside,  you  couldn't have received all the Christmas wishes yesterday; some must be left over for today!( lol)

I hope you had a great one. Mine was uniquely simple; reflections, family time, TV, reading and just generally lounging around the house. I love festive periods; but they come and go so fast, so I endeavor to keep good memories because Moments become Memories and Memories become Monuments.

About that time of the year....

Arguably, the days after Christmas up until the new year is when a lot of people introspect and get ready for the new year. There's the pressure to write out goals, fast and pray for the new year; but personally, I believe it's an exercise that should have started way back in the year. 

Introspection, Meditation , Reflections and Prayers are tools adopted by those who would want to succeed in life. It's a Game-changing combination and I advise us to embrace them.

My 2nd to the last Tip is simple but instructive:

Have a personal retreat and revisit your relationship with God.

Trust Him for a renewal of strength. In an age where social media and even religious activities ( even church activities ) have become enormous, we must never lose touch with our Maker . Our relationship with Him is paramount than any other thing. Study of the word and constant fellowship is a must! It sure will give us a winning edge in 2018. 

Block out some time to seek the face of the Lord and have your strength renewed for the days ahead! 

In other news, I am  so so excited!

The Smart Financial Organizer will be shipping from tomorrow. To those who pre-ordered already : some from PortHarcourt; Ekiti, Ibadan and  different parts of Lagos.

In case you missed my last email, I mentioned that The Smart Financial Organizer which is a Money Planner debuted last year, but it's been reprinted this year as a compact,  easy-to-carry-about Leather-cover  money diary to help people have a firm grip on their finances. 

The Organizer has templates like: 

- Monthly Budget
-Expense Tracker
-Savings Tracker
-Debt repayment Tracker
- Self- Appraisal Form

As of today, you can make payment directly HERE and have it delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria.  If you want the Pre-order option,  so you can ask a question about payment or delivery, you can do so  HERE.

I encourage you to maximize your moments this week and make good use of you time. 

I celebrate you!

Sola Adesakin