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Smart Stewards is a financial literacy platform, with various sub-divisions that cater to men and women of all age categories who desire to make, manage and multiply money, and who are committed to taking hold of their finances with a mindset of accountability.
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Building A Community Of Wealthy People...

My wealth-building journey has been interesting.  Not only have I learned through various certifications, but I have also grasped the secrets of making, managing, and multiplying money, through my personal experiences.

My passion is to help people – men and women, young and old- maximize their resources, diamonds, talents, and gifts, and build true wealth.

Let me help you set and accomplish your financial goals. ​I will teach you to make, manage and multiply money (and other resources) on your way to building true wealth and fulfilling destiny!

Sola Adesakin (​Lead Coach & Founder, Smart Stewards)

Creatively providing financial literacy resources and tools within a vibrant community...

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of raising a global community of wealthy people, who continue to leverage financial literacy, and investing opportunities.

Our Mission

To provide the tools, training, and tribe for Africans at home, and in the diaspora to thrive through financial literacy and wealth-building opportunities- leading to the amassment of wealth and the attainment of financial freedom.

What We Believe

Everyone makes money mistakes.
We sometimes invest wrongly, indulge foolishly and are indebted hopelessly , but here we learn to become better managers and stewards on the journey towards financial freedom.

The Journey

Smart Stewards is a financial literacy platform that caters for Men and Women of all age categories on a financial independence journey and who are committed to taking hold of their finances with a mindset of accountability .

The People

They are those who are willing to make extra 1,2 and 5 talents with the talents God has already given them. Yes, we all have got talents and wealth of wisdom, and by collaboration, we rub off on one other!

The Smart Stewards 4-Level Path To Financial Freedom

At Smart Stewards, Our 4-Level Pathway To Financial Freedom Plan Is A Well Curated Array Of Courses And Proven Methodologies, That Take You Through A Systematic Path Of Financial Literacy And Opportunities, Capable Of Enhancing Your Financial Well-Being And Prosperity.

1. The Smart Starter

2. The Smart Traveller

3. The Smart Adventurer

4. The Smart High-Flier

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Our Community Members Have Testimonials!

Oh my God!!!
This is really below the belt for me.
I usually say to myself I don't have enough, not to talk of sharing,,,Lord, I am truly and honestly sorry.
Can you imagine a tear just slipped down my eyes.
Thanks for Creating the Smart Stewards Platform...


I am really glad to be part of the Smart Stewards family and especially The Smart Investment Club.
I impress myself with my money decisions now, and it will only get better. I am a smart and savvy steward...

B.OAccountant: United Kingdom

My finances have taken a leap since I joined Smart Stewards. For the first time, I have been able to save a seven digit figure and that alone gets me excited everyday!

Tayo F.IT Developer: Lagos, Nigeria

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Financial Success Comes By Be-ing, Doing And Having. None Of This Happens Without Reading . Here Are A Few Free Resources To Get You Started.

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Webinar Calls and Loads of Youtube Videos To help You Jumpstart Your Journey To Financial Freedom.


Free e-Books and Other Paid-For Resources Available Within Africa And On Amazon In Kindle And Paper Back Versions

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