Join the waitlist for ElevateHerWealth, presented by smart stewards and be part of an empowering movement that help women flourish in all aspects of life through financial empowerment


ElevateHerWealth, presented by Smart Stewards, is not just a financial plan, but a movement. It champions the cause of women’s financial empowerment, nudging them to not just thrive but flourish in every life chapter, be it personal, professional, or familial.


In the rich landscape of Nigeria, women are a force of wisdom and resilience. However, shadows of financial uncertainties, due to deep-rooted socio-cultural norms and economic disparities, often hold them back. This initiative seeks to illuminate and address these areas, ensuring a brighter financial horizon for all participants.

Essence of the Plan

At its core, ElevateHerWealth is about taking control. It’s about understanding the unique financial challenges women face and turning them into opportunities. It’s a proactive approach to rewrite common financial narratives, transforming regrets into aspirations.

How it works

Through strategic contributions, subscribers can regularly and meticulously channel their funds across six pivotal areas of financial significance. Guided by expert fund managers and the Smart Stewards team, each contribution is optimized for growth, security, and future preparedness.

Core Financial Areas Addressed

retirement elevateherwealth

Retirement Planning

A golden future without compromises

investment elevateherwealth


Unlocking growth and prosperity

insurance elevateherwealth

Life Insurance

Ensuring families remain secure

education elevateherwealth

Educational Planning

Crafting brighter futures for the next generation.

investment elevateherwealth

Cashflow managment

Empowering daily financial decisions.

real estate elevateherwealth

Estate Planning

Passing on legacies seamlessly.


ElevateHerWealth is more than just a blueprint—it’s a pledge, a promise to oneself for a secured, brighter future. With this initiative, women are not just planning for tomorrow, but architecting a legacy. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, crafting stories of empowerment, vision, and success.

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