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Master the Six Pillars of Financial Planning for Long-Term Financial Success…

Hey Friends,

Many individuals feel uncertain about making financial decisions, second-guessing themselves and missing out on potential opportunities for growth and wealth accumulation. Are you one of them?

Without a clear financial plan and effective money management strategies, individuals often find themselves trapped in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to save, and falling short of their financial aspirations.

Do you constantly feel that financial planning is too complicated and overwhelming for you to understand?

Enough Of You Saying...

✔You have no control over your income anymore.

✔I don’t have the time to learn about financial planning and manage my money effectively

✔I don’t have enough money to invest or plan for retirement right now

✔I don’t see the immediate value in learning about financial planning.

✔Financial planning is too complicated and overwhelming for me to understand

If you fall into any of the above categories, then I’d like you to know that…

This year might have been rough, but you are about to take control and bring the changes you want to see in your finances…

What this means is that it's probably time to take action to protect your finances ahead of the the future

Without a clear financial plan and effective money management strategies, individuals often find themselves trapped in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to save, and falling short of their financial aspirations.

Introducing The Fit-To-Fly Financial Plan Course

Our Cohort-System 4-Week Course that has helped over 1000 people from around the world organize their personal finance, pillar by pillar.

This loaded 4 weeks online course/ group coaching sessions plus book aim to help you understand everything that will guarantee your personal finance success. The modules will help you take the necessary decisions that will expedite achieving your overall financial goals.

Where we'll meet

What we'll learn: The 7 Key Pillars of Personal Finance

Without mincing words, you have to be brutally honest with your financial decisions, and you have to build a solid financial plan for your personal finances.. These are 7 areas of your finances you should plan around, because if you fail to plan, you may not achieve your desired results and you might keep making the same mistakes that being knowledgeable can help you avoid

What Are People Saying About The Fit-To-Fly Course

You are doing amazing things in my life.
Touching  my life in ways you can’t imagine.
I have learnt a lot and it has made me dig deeper to discover my money making opportunities. 
Thank you 
It has made me rediscover myself 
In fact if you want to increase the price of the course I am in total support .

You will work with like minded people in...

Get to understand an encompassing approach to getting your finances in order. Learn how to start the journey of building wealth. You will learn how to systematically organise every area of your financial life with results for now and the future.

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A Cohort 1 Member Had This To Say....

I am writing to provide my learnings from the personal finance course, my light bulb moments and the actions I have taken so far
I will love to say a big well done to you for putting this the course together, it has been expository and helpful.
When I joined the course, I was really interested in knowing how to make more money and learn how to create other sources of income. Much more than that I also learned a lot about the concept of emergency funds – it was an aha moment for me
I also remember the part of a need sustains me and a want entertains me, I have been using this in drawing a line between my needs and want

Be on your way to making this year your best financial year yet.

As you undergo this course...

✔You will build your own financial plan.

✔You will take actionable steps about your pension, as a career person or business owner.

✔Learn how to manage your cashflow better.

✔Understand how insurance works.

✔Build your own estate plan


A Special Note from Our Lead Caoch

We can’t wait to have you join over 5,000 success-minded and financially-inclined people like you, who seek to embark on the journey of financial independence.


Since Smart Stewards launched, 7 years ago…

We have been steadily providing the Tools, Trainings, Tribes and resources, for individuals in over 35 countries, who desire to know the secret of wealth building. This course is just one of many ways that will help you gain financial mastery.

SINCE INCEPTION, Smart Stewards HAS HAND-HELD THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE Start Their Financial Journey...

Maybe even after reading what The Fit-To-Fly Financial Plan course can do for your finances this year, you're still on the fence.

Here is What the Fit-To-Fly Course Will Help You Achieve....

You will instantly gain real insights into planning for your financial future and taking the right action. You will learn how to systematically organize every area of your financial life with results for now and the future.

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Again, what do you stand to gain from this 4-Week Course?

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Do you want to be among the Individuals who will start to win with their finances, now and in the future ?

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is a seasoned finance coach and chartered accountant with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. Her unwavering passion for empowering individuals
and businesses to comprehend the intricacies of “make-manage-multiply money” has seen her establish Smart Stewards Financial Advisory Limited and Smart Stewards Advisory LLC, in the United States of America.

Through these ventures and other platforms, Sola has transformed the financial lives of
numerous people across 40 countries, helping them transition from financial stress to rest, from debt to wealth, and from mediocrity to an extraordinary life.

Sola is a strong supporter of SDG5 and SDG10, as she seeks to close the gender gap and reduce inequality through financial education, financial technology, and access to funding.

Sola’s dedication to achieving gender equality and reducing inequality is evident in her work as an alumna of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, an initiative of the US Embassy in Nigeria, and the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Road to Growth Program. She is also an alumna of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program and a member of the Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) Mentorship Network of the United States of America.

Her impressive academic credentials include a BSc and an MBA degree from Oxford Brookes University and Edinburgh Business School, respectively. She is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom (ACCA), and a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA). In addition to her impressive credentials, Sola Adesakin is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor of The United States.

Sola’s impressive track record includes facilitating government parastatals and private
institutions, being a Tony Elumelu Foundation Mentor, and sitting on the boards of two
Nigerian NGOs. Her outstanding accomplishments in the finance and business industries have not gone unnoticed, garnering numerous accolades, including being recognized as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women in 2020. Her expertise in finance and business has earned her recognition from top Nigerian companies who regard her as one of Nigeria’s finest upcoming business women.

Sola is a well-known author who has written eight books and a number of articles that have been published . All of her work is about making money less mysterious and spreading the message around the world, and her expertise in finance and wealth
management extends beyond her coaching and advisory services. As a renowned finance professional, she also shares her knowledge through her insightful columns in national newspapers, providing valuable financial guidance to a wide audience.

Her contributions to the public domain have been widely recognized, with her articles and insights featured in reputable international media outlets such as Yahoo and Forbes. Her admission into the Forbes Coaching Council is a testament to her relentless pursuit of leveraging globalalliances and partnerships to empower people to achieve their financial goals.

With her extensive experience, academic credentials, and global partnerships, Sola is
well-positioned to empower people worldwide in their pursuit of financial success.

She is happily married, and from her base in Lagos, she works with people and businesses all over the world.