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If you live in Nigeria, it shouldn’t be news that the prices of products and services have skyrocketed.
I have read various hilarious posts on how one of Nigeria’s staple foods; Onions, have become very expensive.

Seasons like these highlight the importance of things that we take for granted.
You see, onions and other products becoming so expensive isn’t the main issue; there are so many fundamental issues with the Nigerian economy, but we are Investment Club Nigeria & can take a cue from the life of an onion as we forge our path ahead intentionally.

Sometime soon, I hope to dissect the state of our economy and how it concerns your personal economy, but for now, since onions have taken the spotlight, let me share these five (5) things about the life of an onion and how we can take a financial cue from it.​
1. The Sting!
In the immediate, onions sting whilst you cut them for use; they make even the strongest shed a tear, but beyond the immediate discomfort, is the reward of a sumptuous meal.
It is not always easy to make sacrifices regarding your personal finance; save money now so that money can save you later are some of the things we are told.

But why can’t we just live like YOLO (You Only Live Once)?!

There have been times I have wondered why I have to practice delayed gratification, why I have to skip a purchase on something that is not exactly necessary for the moment but trust me, the rewards of discipline are always undeniable.

2. The Robustness and Multi-Layer Dimension
The more you peel an onion, the more there is to it.

From the very first thin layer to the thicker ones; deep calls unto deep is what happens with an onion.

Your personal finances and every area of your life produces much more when you commit to digging deeper and living intentionally.

One day many years ago, I was so broke and battered; I couldn’t even boast of a thousand naira to myself. That day fuelled in me a passion to do well with my finances and teach others and things can only get better.

The more you commit to your financial well-being, the better it becomes and the more rewarding the feeling. 

3. Oh The Variety!
With onions, there are various sizes, colors, and species (there are about 21 of them!); but the flavor and richness an onion brings to a dish are the same (as long as they are not bad).

There may be various approaches in the world of personal finance.

Some finance teachers say you shouldn’t save whilst repaying debts, some would say no investing until you have emergency funds in place.

One thing is sure; financial literacy in whatever form;  brings a different flavor to your life.
Just make sure you follow tested and proven paths and teachers.

4. The Multi-Dimensional Approach of Use and Application: Blended, Cooked, Fried or Eaten Raw!

You see, with your finances, there are many things you can do on your journey to financial freedom.
Work as an employee, add a side business to it, leverage on other peoples’ talents, time, resources to become a business owner, or just simply become an investor.

What is important is you are making money and adding to your networth consistently and gradually.
Sometimes on the journey, you lose, some other times you win.
The onion breath sometimes isn’t palatable, but hey, life is not perfect; look at things from the brighter side.

5. The Beauty Of Togetherness!

Ever seen a wide array of onions beautifully stacked together?
The Sweet Bermuda Onions, Red Onions, Leeks, Sweet Vidalia Onions, Welsh, Pearl, Yellow, Pickling and so much more.

Life is more interesting when you surround yourself with the right people.
Iron sharpens iron, and whilst the variety and differences cannot be waived aside, the beauty of association and collaboration is undeniable.

On a lighter side, what is happening is literally captured in the quote by Will Rogers that says “An onion can make people cry, but there’s never been a vegetable that can make people laugh”.
When you have onions and cut them, they make you cry

Now that they are expensive, people are “crying” and complaining…

Do you see why you need to see the brighter side of life all the time?

In Other News

I shared a few tips on how you can navigate your finances this season.
Please feel free to watch the video HERE.
As 2020 wraps up in a few weeks, here is my special invitation to you to join The Smart Investment Club.

Our plans for financial literacy and helping our members build wealth in the new year are big and we would like to have your variety in our very colorful world already.

Later today, we dive into the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in a webinar.
It might just be a great day to join already. 

I  love you much and please remember that at Smart Stewards, we care much about your financial success. 

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