My alarm went off in the middle of a networking program for women a few days ago.

Even though my phone was on silent, the alarm went off. 

I was a bit embarrassed, but someone yelled out saying, “what reminder was that for, we’ve all got ‘em! “and we all laughed 😁🤣

That alarm was a reminder to say a quick word of prayers for my sons. 

Everyone is discovering and implementing hacks that will enable them to lead productive lives, especially in a world where so many things are calling for your attention. 

Technology is here to help us; contrary to the lies we all heap on technology as a major source of stress and distractions.

Tech in inanimate, you are animate; who is meant to control what?

Technology will enable or disable you, to the extent to which you allow or disallow it.

“Accountability breeds response-ability, (and responsibility)- Stephen Covey

My alarm goes off many times a day to do quick stuff:

To pray for my family children 
To drink water
To take my supplements 
A quick quiet time with God and more.
To say a word of prayers for my friends 
To walk around for a few mins 
To give gratitude

One of the ways of being much more productive is by making yourself accountable. 

To people
By things 
For something 

My prayer partner and I have been praying about 3-4 times daily over the last 7 weeks.

My besties and I pray together once a week, and we are in the most diverse time zones ever. Someone is 9 hours behind, so it’s nighttime when we have woken up in this part of the world.

Where there is a will, there always will be a way.

As January wraps us tomorrow, do a quick introspection of areas you need improvement on.

Have a quick work with your accountability partner; why do you have one anyway?

Get into your accountability group or mastermind right away, register your presence and mention the things you would love to do, and for which you are making yourself accountable.

 Check-in, and share your plans with your mentor right away. 

Set up alarms on your phone, use a ring tone or an affirmation that will make it irresistible.

Plant sticky notes in different areas of your life( handbag, wallets, office table, pedestal, and more.

Write out emails on Gmail to be delivered on certain dates in the future( tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year).

Call someone to remind you about undone stuff.

Push yourself into destiny, because no one is going to do it for you. 

Just make yourself accountable for things you need to do.

I hope these few tips would help you start the new month on a strong and productive note.

Sola Adesakin


Your mess accumulated over time, give yourself time to degrease, untangle and heal. That’s how your message is developed, and it’d bring hope to others.

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