Attention!! For Every Man Or Woman Who Wants To Be Financially Free…

Here Is An Opportunity To Finish 2023 Financially Strong!


( 22nd and 23rd, September 2023.)


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Theme: Money on the Move!

Expanding Your Financial Territories and Embracing the Adventure of Global Financial Growth.

Over 20,000+ Success-minded, and ambitious people like you, are on a journey to Financial Stability and Freedom having been empowered by the YEARLY shared knowledge AND Specific Financial Insights.

Smart Stewards Summit 2023 Is Going To Be The Biggest (Insider Tip)–Since its first launch, 8 years ago…

Get READY to be Financially Empowered & MOTIVATED!

How Does This Summit Work?

The Smart Stewards yearly Summit, was born out of the passion and desire to create a yearly learning platform for individuals who desire to know the secrets of wealth building. 


Every Year We Do This And So Much More…

Helping Men, Women, and Children to make, manage and multiply wealth through the practice of financial skills, and using tested tools for wealth creation

Providing mentorship and financial coaching to individuals and organizations through the Smart Stewards Academy.

Leading people on the path of continuous learning and financial growth through our various Smart Stewards platforms.

AND This Year – Having Seen How The Economies of The World Have Struggled, and Affected A Lot of People…

Here Is A “Wealth" Of Industry Leaders And Coaches You'd Be Drinking From.

Keynote Speaker

 Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie

Founder and Group Managing Director of Rainoil Limited.

Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie is the founder and Group Managing Director of Rainoil Limited. He has almost three decades of cognate experience in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

A graduate of Production Engineering from the University of Benin, Gabriel began his early career as a factory engineer between 1989 and 1991 and subsequently joined PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants. He spent four years at Ascon Oil, heading the Sales and Operations Unit.

At a time of limited indigenous participation, he identified opportunities within the downstream oil and gas space. In 1997, he founded Rainoil Limited, which he has guided from very modest beginnings to a company with operations across the downstream value chain.


Kunle Soriyan (PK)

Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Strategist at KENNETH SORIYAN RESEARCH AND IDEAS LLC

PK is the Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Strategist at KENNETH SORIYAN RESEARCH AND IDEAS LLC, a research-driven global thought leadership organisation engendering measurable shifts, usable clarity and positive outcomes for high impact individuals, winning families, forward-thinking organisations, and institutions across the globe; based out of Plano, Texas.

The “Ruckus” or “Sensei” (as he is called by industry colleagues and stakeholders as well as his high net worth friends and clients), wears many hats as a Futurist, Iconoclast, Global Thought Leader, relevance, and influence strategist; Culture-Shaper, Philanthropist and Social Impact Investor; Advisor to many High Impact Individuals in the world, Mentor and Spiritual Guide to millions across the globe…

Other Notable Speakers

Bunmi Adeniba

Marketing Director, Coca-Cola.

 John Obidi

New Media Consultant, International Speaker and Personal Development Trainer.

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

Founder, Accounting Hub.

Dr. Samuel Ekundayo

Visionary, School of Purpose and Influence (SPIN)

Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Founder, Immerse Coaching Company.

Ivie Temitayo-Ibitoye

Head, Employee Relations, Sahara Group/ Founder, Work in Nigeria

 Gospel Obele

Chief Economist, Streetnomics LTD.

Solafunmi Sosanya-Lawal

Founder, Wealth Motley

Ruckey Peniel

Chairperson/Executive Director, Vessels of Hope.

Mayowa Olusoji

Founder, Power2Know


Sola Adesakin
Lead Coach and Founder, Smart Stewards.

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Who Can Be A Part Of This Summit?

This Summit is a Must-Attend For You If:

Listen To What Mr. Ayinde, Former Commissioner of Lagos State Has To Say...

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So, DO NOT for anything, think about missing the 2023 Smart Stewards Summit, especially the Masterclasses, where you will be EXPOSED to how you can Expand Your Financial Territories and Embrace the Adventure of Global Financial Growth..

It will only be a loss on your part.

Success Stories Of Those Who Have Experienced The Previous Summits.

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Listen To What Hephzibah Said About Our Last Summit...

Do you want to be among the Individuals who have mastered how to Make, Manage & Multiply Money from the knowledge of this 2023 Summit?

And We've Got Explosive Panel Sessions

The event lineup includes 4 High-End Coaching Masterclasses, with several sessions, covering topics such as:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Passion for a Better You: Igniting a Purpose-Driven Journey

Blueprint for Global Impact: Unleashing Your Potential and Building Resilience

Love, Trust, and Financial Transparency: Secrets to Relationship Success"

The Power Plan For Personal Financial Success

Making The Global Money Moves

Meet Our Masterclass Facilitators

Dr. Samuel Ekundayo

Masterclass on Personal Development and Purpose.

 Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Masterclass on Career.

Ruckey Peniel

Masterclass on Relationsips.

Gospel Obele

Masterclass on Finance 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More About The Gala Night

The theme of our Gala Night centers around embracing excellence and breaking barriers across the seven mountains of influence that shape our society. These spheres include religion, family, education, government and politics, media and communication, arts and entertainment, and business and economy.

 We’re honored to announce that this year’s Awards Gala will feature keynote addresses from accomplished women who have made their mark across the seven mountains of influence. These visionary leaders will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for breaking barriers and blazing trails in their respective fields.

By The End Of This 2023 Summit – You will…

Now, What Is Your Investment?

We believe everyone deserves to be at this event and be transformed inside out.
Sign up for any of the options below, to attend the Smart Stewards Summit Event this year

Select Your Mode Of Participation

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This is absolutely free!

Click on the registration box below if you want only the barest minimum experience, by attending just the summit on the 23rd of September, 2023 (not recommended).
You will get no recordings or gain access to the masterclasses.

But you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive Gala Night, the explosive masterclasses, or the recordings of all the sessions. Why go for the barest minimum? Why don’t you consider these:

🌟 Upgrade Benefits: 🌟

Gala Night Extravaganza: Imagine yourself amidst elegance and inspiration at our enchanting Gala Night, a gathering of thought leaders, industry pioneers, and fellow enthusiasts. This exclusive event promises networking opportunities that can open doors you never thought possible.

Four Powerful Masterclasses: Delve deeper into the heart of financial mastery with four exclusive masterclasses, each designed to ignite your growth, amplify your insights, and unlock doors to unparalleled success.

Full Access to Recordings: Can’t make it to all the sessions? No worries! With the Premium Upgrade, you’ll gain access to recordings of every session, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your newfound wisdom at your own pace.

Front-Row Access: Secure premium seating and a front-row virtual experience, ensuring you never miss a beat and have the best view for all the captivating content.

Exclusive Networking: Connect with like-minded peers, mentors, and professionals who share your passion for growth, opening avenues for collaboration and potential partnerships.

Curated Resources: Gain access to exclusive resources that will further enrich your learning journey, making sure you’re equipped to implement your newfound knowledge effectively.

Physical Participation.

This involves participating physically. N100,000. 

Virtual Participation

This involves participating VIRTUALLY . N80,000/ $100/ £75

Want Only The Free Version Still?

Full Physical Participation (Early Bird).

  • All Sessions
  • Four Masterclass
  • Gala Night
  • Recordings

***Full Physical Participation : Regular Price from the 5th of September- N150,000.

Full VIRTUAL Participation.

This involves participating VIRTUALLY . N80,000/ $100/ £75

  • All Sessions
  • Four Masterclass
  • Gala Night
  • Recordings

Robor Has Attended All Summits Since Inception...

Other Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss On The Gala Night + Masterclasses.

  • Networking with other individuals and top business owners across the globe.
  • Build relationships and rapport that could lead to future partnerships (this has been a notable occurrence).
  • Learn from other leading business executives and enlightened minds.
  • Access to discuss your business with some interesting fellows (this can get you that next deal).
  • Fun and Wonderful night for celebrating yourself and others.
  • And so much more.

Don't Forget The Line Up Of The Masterclass Speakers...

The Masterclass Sessions, which are all virtual, are one of the key highlights of this year's Summit.

You can secure a spot for the best event that will fuel your financial existence for explosive success.

Remember, this page is going out to thousands of people all over the world and there are LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE.

Come and be a part of history.

Don’t be left behind!

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Expand Your Financial Territories and Embrace the Adventure of Global Financial Growth.

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Your investment to attend all three events is N100,000. This gives you access to all the programs and recordings. Registration later than September 5, is N150,000

You will be paying N80,000,  or £75 or  $100 and you will get all the recordings.

The Summit Is Free To Attend, But You Will Not Be Getting The Recordings For The Sessions, or Have Access To The Explosive Masterclasses and Gala Night. Registration is also subject to availability. 

Yes, if you pay for the Virtual Option or Physical option + Masterclasses +Gala Night.

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