Smart Starters

Helping You Start Your Financial Journey On A Strong Note...
(For Ages 18-25)

Who We Are...

Our Mission at  Smart Stewards  is to help men and women, young and old, and particularly Africans at home and in the diaspora build true wealth.

The Smart Starters is a platform under the Smart Stewarts Academy that is specifically targeted at young people within the ages of 16-26, and aimed at equipping them with financial literacy…


We aim to provide financial literacy tools you start out with your career and start earning money.


As part of the Smart Starters, you gain access to the Smart Stewards Academy’ vast  resources 


We have a networking community that we believe you will find useful for networking and getting updates on our activities specially curated for you.

How We Learn...

Online learning platform, private social media platforms and live coaching classes  to drive home the learning points.

Our Approach

We are excited that you are passionate about your finances and we are here to help you achieve your goals starting today.

There is no better time to take your finances seriously than now, and leverage the right tools and especially technology in making, managing, and multiplying money.

We aim to provide literacy tools and affordable investment opportunities as you start out with your career and start earning money.

Also, we hope to help your transition into The Smart Investment Club once you attain the age of 26. But don’t worry, by being a part of the Smart Starters group, you already get to enjoy part of what the larger community enjoys already.

Sola Adesakin
“Sola Adesakin is a Chartered Accountant with about 18 years hands on experience in wealth creation, management and multiplication at personal and business levels. She seeks to help people maximise their resources and potentials and she has done that through her various learning platforms . She has recently been recognised as one of the Most inspiring 100 women in Nigeria (2020).”

Oluwapelumi Olaniwun

Smart Starters Coordinator

Our Smart Stewards Network Is Stronger Every Minute

Support Groups

For more information, please email or call 09019093340

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