The Smart Stewards Inner Circle

Leading Women On A Journey Of Transformation To Impact And Influence.

Smart Stewards Inner Circle

Who We Are...

The Smart Stewards Inner Circle Is A Close Knit Community Of Women Who Seek For Mentoring In All Areas Of Life. We Provide A Community Of Intense Learning, Bonding, Accountability And Much More.


At Smart Stewards, we see mentoring as a process for the informal and transformational transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to finance and every other aspect of life. Thus, we are set up to engage in relevant communication and interrelationships, through our groups and other programmes.


We have different coaches who are experts in different careers and fields and who are focused on improving financial and all-round performance of members both in the present and in the future. Members are encouraged to set smart goals, leverage on accountability groups and they are guided through the process of achieving them by our seasoned coaches.


We are a community of likeminded people who are concerned with intense learning, transformational habits, effective bonding, intentional accountability and collective progress. Our community fosters all-round progress for the individual and collective progress for all.

Meet Our Lead Coach

Sola Adesakin
“Sola Adesakin is a Chartered Accountant with about 18 years hands on experience in wealth creation, management and multiplication at personal and business levels. She seeks to help people maximise their resources and potentials and she has done that through her various learning platforms . She has recently been recognised as one of the Most inspiring 100 women in Nigeria (2020).”

How We Roll...

Online learning platform, private social media platforms and live coaching classes  to drive home the learning points.

Our 7 Ps Dimensional Focus

Your life seem to be a mirage and you find it difficult to get your acts together. Our 7-stage tools will start you off on your journey to becoming a high-flier in all ramifications of life.


To see the bright path right in front of you, you need to keep your head clear. A clouded mind cannot see possibilities. Our detox programme is designed to help you see clearly by helping to ensure your head is clear and full of light.


We all have got at least four diamonds in our lives. We are naturally wired to overlook them but their discovery and subsequent harnessing will lead us to an astounding self-discovery that will transform our lives forever


What keeps you up at night? Your dreams take you beyond your circumstances. There is power in imagination and the fruits/rewards are for those who engage it.


Design your dream through writing, vision boards… go on knowledge quests to know more about your dream and seek ways to make them happen. Your designs determine how easy your dreams will come to you


Impossibility exists only in the mind. When you dare to do things, you start to achieve more in life; finances, career, family and others. Self-doubt is tormenting. When you allow self-doubt in your life, you become unstable and under-achieving. Learn to make bold decisions.


Don’t stop at the point of daring and making bold decisions, go further by adding definite actions to what you decide. Most times, this ends up being the differentiating factor between achievers and non-achievers. Your obstacles are not potent enough to stop you. Stop the excuses. You only live once, make it worth the while


We receive to give. Your life is too small to be the entire thing you are living for. Understand and explore the essence of transformational value in all that you do. No greater happiness and satisfaction that the one that comes from being a blessing to another person. Pay it forward.

Our Approach

We have been leading loads of women on a transformational journey from growing to glowing and to GOLD. We explore different areas of life as it relates to Women:  Marriage, Motherhood, Mentoring , Money, Missions and More.

The Smart Stewards Inner Circle (SSIC) has been in existence since 2015 and we have metamorphosed from just learning and teaching about managing finances into getting equipped as an all round individual. Many of the SSIC community members have found purpose, experienced career leaps, built big businesses and taken on many phenomenal endeavours.

Our Smart Stewards Network Is Stronger Every Minute

Support Groups

For more information, please email or call 09019093340

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