The 4- Level Pathway to Financial Freedom

Helping You Jumpstart Your Journey To Financial Freedom

From The Smart Stewards Academy, Our 4-Level Pathway To Financial Freedom Plan Is A Well Researched And Curated Array Of Courses Plus Proven Methodologies, That Take You Through A Systematic Path Of Financial Literacy And Opportunities, Capable Of Radically Enhancing Your Financial Well-Being And Prosperity. 

The Four Levels Are:

Smart Starter 

Smart Traveller 

Smart Adventurer 

Smart High-Flier 

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The Smart Starter

Jumpstart your journey to financial freedom by getting knowledge on the basis and fundamentals of personal finance

Your Mindset & Money

Making the best of your finances starts with your relationship with money. There is a right mindset to have in order to maximise your welath building potentials.

Spending & Budgeting

At Smart Stewards, we don't teach people not to spend, we teach them to spend smartly. At the Starter level, you get to understand the dynamics of spending rightly.

Frugality & Savings

Frugality isnt synonymous with cheapness, it simply means understanding the dynamics of how your money works and how you can judiciously use it well.

Managing Debts

Understand how to overcome the hold of debt and credit. Live an amazing financial life.

The Smart Starter

Wealth creation is a marathon and not a sprint. 

There must be a starting point. 

Here to help you start your own journey. 


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The Smart Traveller

This Quadrant will help you get ahead on your journey in four major areas.
You need the right support behind you and your dream!

Financial Literacy

Making More Money/ New Business

Cashflow management is one of the important skills to have on the journey to financial freedom and the ability to make more money is very important. On the traveller level, you are taken through how you can increase your multi-dimensional flows and monetize your talents.

Smart Stewards Inner Circle


The art of investing rightly is one important skill everyone who intends to build wealth must have. You must be able to build the right asset portfolio, take apt decisions about asset classes o invest in amongst other things to do,

Financial Literacy

Wealth Protection/ Creation

The wealth pyramid encompasses wealth protection, wealth creation, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution. At this level, we take you the fundamentals of wealth protection and creation.

Home Ownership

Having your own home is one of the excitement that comes along with financial success. Whether as an investment to hold or for primary residence, we take you through the basics of owing your own home.

The Smart Traveller

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take the journey a bit further. Let’s help you to start to create and protect wealth


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My finances have taken a new shape since I joined Smart Stewards. The courses at the Smart Stewards Academy have helped me acquire financial literacy and the investment opportunities at The Smart Investment Club have helped me built my portfolio steadily.
A Mother and Designer

The Smart Adventurer

Take your journey  to financial freedom by working with an action plan that helps you take more and bigger courageous steps .

The Smart Adventurer

Hey Adventurer, Now you are ready to do audacious money things. Now is the time!


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Scale Your Business

This is taking your business to the next level, setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. Enabling your ability to grow by understanding the requirements for planning, funding, right systems, staff, processes, and technology.

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth accumulation is a factor of Capital appreciation and growth in wealth through investments or profits. This is also a measure of increased value of asset which would include appreciation, rent, capital gains, and interest using the various asset classes and vehicles.

Financial Planning Basics

Financial Planning is an all-encompassing, ongoing process that seeks to help you make logical decisions about money aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals in your business & life. The Financial Plan describes each of the activities, resources, tools, equipment, and materials that are needed to achieve these objectives, as well as the timeframes involved

Property Ownership: Investment

Understand how to invest in property as an asset class. Real Estate which also means property is one the way you build and accumulate wealth. There are principles that are essential and required for investment in this asset class.

Now is The Time To Soar

The Smart High-Flier

You have gone through all the necessary financial success modules and you are ready to soar. Congratulations for getting on the expressway to financial freedom!


The Smart High-Flier

You have gone through all the necessary financial success modules and you are ready to soar. Congratulations for getting on the expressway to financial freedom!



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Scaling & Funding For Your Business

Leveraging is an important tool in growing your business. At this stage, your business has totally become an entity by itself, with processes and systems. Leveraging on the structures, systems, and processes to secure funding for your business.

All Financial Planning Elements

Financial planning is an alchemy of several elements. These elements include Cash-flow management, Investment management, Tax planning, Insurance assessment, Retirement planning and Estate planning.

Impact & Influence

There is a difference between making an impact and having influence. There are several measures and key differences, separating these. To be impactful and influential, it essential to know, understand and apply the principles of each.

Wealth Distribution

Understand how to manage, protect, and distribute your wealth. The distribution of wealth differs from the income distribution in that it looks at the economic management, protection and distribution of ownership of the assets.

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