Yesterday, I stumbled upon a conversation that truly reflected the signs of our times. Two men were in deep discussion, their voices tinged with disbelief, as they debated the soaring price of a bag of rice—now nearly N80,000.

Last week, I watched a video where a truck full of yam tubers was stopped, and the yams were looted and distributed among the bystanders in sheer desperation.

These snippets from daily life paint a vivid picture of the extraordinary times we’re living in. It’s a season that challenges us not only at individual levels, but also at community levels.

I took a trip down memory lane recently, and I remembered how February 2014 brought a whirlwind of emotions into my life. Amidst the joys and anticipations, I faced the heartbreak of a lost pregnancy, amongst a few other challenges—an experience that tested my resilience but also paved the way for new beginnings.

From that period of pain, I found the strength to seize an income opportunity, tap into a talent and embark on a financial journey that remains a cornerstone of my blessings today.

It was also the nurturing ground for what would soon blossom into Smart Stewards, launching about a year later, alongside the joy of welcoming my youngest son in January of 2015.

Why am I sharing this personal story?

To encourage you to see beyond NOW and to adjust your crown.

Nowadays, discussions, both online and offline, are often filled with expressions of pain, regret, and frustration. It’s rare to find a conversation that doesn’t touch upon the rising cost of living or the challenging economic climate in Nigeria.

Reflecting on 2024: A Year of Intensity and Opportunity

As we find ourselves in an intense year 2024, with Nigeria’s economic outlook casting long shadows as well as the global economic brouhaha, I encourage you to focus on what you can influence: your personal economy.

While the national and global economies are beyond our direct control, your personal economy is yours to command. And in our spiritual economy lies my personal secret sauce, the scriptural and supernatural wisdom of provision.

Please keep your eyes wide open, and be intentional about the information you are interacting with.

The Economic challenges are real, but the noise from online and offline chatter can amplify the stress. I see why Elisha advised the indebted widow to shut her door and mind her business as she carried out the instructions that changed her financial life. The distractions from draining discussions deny you the inspiration and quality time to ideate and execute. Sometimes it’s best to shut the door, focus on your path, and ignore the noise.

Today’s Treat : 7 Bold Moves For A Financial TurnAround

I’ve recorded a new video recounting a journey from financial despair to a remarkable turnaround. It’s a story I hope will resonate with you, ignite your determination, inspire you to take action, and encourage you to share it with those who matter most to you.

Your circle matters…

In times like these, your community is pivotal. I warmly invite you to join the Smart Stewards Academy. Here, we’re not just talking about finances; we’re actively supporting each member on their journey with practical, action-inspiring discussions.

The camaraderie within our community is palpable and powerful.

Don’t let the season’s challenges overshadow your potential for growth and wealth. Join us at the Smart Stewards Academy, where we’re turning economic uncertainty into a wealth of opportunity.

Read more about the Academy at

Together, let’s rise above the gloom, harness this season of wealth transfer, and navigate towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

Sola Adesakin

February 2024

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