A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fantastic video featuring the legendary Shaquille O’Neal, in which he shared some remarkable experiences from his journey to success. 

Let’s look at what he said below:

I noticed that every time I go to a business meeting, the guys we’re doing deals with will be like, ‘Hello Shaq, how are you doing?’ and then they would turn away and look at my lawyers, accountants, and all those guys. So I said, ‘Oh, you guys don’t think I’m in charge? You guys don’t think I understand the lingo?’ So I went and got my masters from the University of Phoenix,” O’Neal said. “The University of Phoenix is an online program mostly,” he continued. “But I went to the head officials and said, ‘I don’t want to do it online. I want somebody to teach me in a class. And they came back and said, ‘Unfortunately, we can’t set up a classroom for one guy. You need 15 people. So, I paid for 15 of my friends to get their masters.”

As you know, Shaq is not only a basketball icon but also a savvy businessman and investor. In the video quoted above, he opened up about his determination to level up in the business world and how he overcame the perception others had of his role.

Here are the 7 key takeaways I believe we can all learn from Shaq’s experience:

1. Overcoming Perceptions: Shaq faced a common issue in business meetings where he felt others didn’t see him as the decision-maker. Instead of being discouraged, he took action to change that perception and show everyone his capabilities. Sometimes you need to prove yourself in life and silence the naysayers if you have to 🤨.

2. Lifelong Learning: The fact that Shaq pursued his master’s degree from the University of Phoenix shows his commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. Education is a powerful tool for personal and financial growth.

3. Seeking the Unconventional: Shaq wanted a traditional classroom experience, even in an online programme. He wasn’t afraid to ask for what he wanted, and he found a way to make it happen. You may not be able to achieve that right now, but you are able to push for what you want in your own little way. Just make it happen, somehow 😎!

4. Support and Empowerment: Shaq didn’t hesitate to invest in the education of his friends by sponsoring their master’s degrees. He understood the importance of uplifting others to reach their full potential 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦.

5. Taking Charge: Regardless of his successful sports career, Shaq sought to enhance his knowledge in the business arena, demonstrating that true leadership means continually challenging yourself💪.

6. The Power of Networking: By investing in his friends’ education, Shaq not only helped them but also built a network of individuals with valuable skills and knowledge who could operate at the same financial level🤛.

7. Embracing Opportunities: Shaq’s story reminds us that seizing opportunities, even if they require going the extra mile, can open doors to new horizons and possibilities✍.

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