Dear Smart Adventurer,

We are so proud of your financial strides!

First of all, for being a member of the Smart Investment Club, and secondly, for deciding to go on the journey of financial adventure with us.

The essence of this sub-community is to provide age-specific literacy and investment opportunities for people ages 50 and above.

We want to help you maximize your resources in spot-on ways.

We do not encourage people to invest the same way and in the same instruments.

Our SGAR acronym, explains the four things to consider before and when you invest:




Risk Temperament.

We would discuss more of these and other important topics within the community, at different times.

We will also provide tools and resources to help you navigate your journey, as you approach retirement.

If you want to belong to the Smart Adventurers close-knit community, you should join The Smart investment Club ( instead, after which you would be added to the smaller community of people ages 50 and above, who are looking towards optimizing their resources.

Cheers to the bigger things ahead.

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