Regardless of what happens with the economy of where you live, you’ve got to protect your finances. 

Personal finance allows you to take the driver’s seat of your financial life and gives you the freedom to achieve your goals. 

It starts with AWARENESS… 

That with money, you can do and be all you desire to be. 

Because you are master over money. 

Money is inanimate, and it therefore cannot exasperate, confuse or frustrate you! 

Do you have a personal financial picture or money goals you’d like to achieve? 

Take a moment to write out what you’d really love to do if you have the means. 


Now imagine having the money to do those things. 

Please keep your eyes on them, because you can, and you will achieve them. 

Here are a few things that can help you effectively manage your finances, in and out of season. 

1. Career evaluation is an exercise to consider ahead of the new year. 
 It’s time to strengthen your resume.  

If and whenever the economy experiences a hiccup, you want to be sure you are poised to generate income, in and out of season.  

Do you have marketable and transferrable skills, and how easily can you pivot?

 2. Consider adding another line of income.  Assets are things that add economic value to you, and your income is one of your most important assets.   Get new skills, dust existing ones, and consider how you can monetize some of them. 

You Should Do These Too…
3. Collaborate your way into more income. 
Who can you do business with, and what can you do with them? Who can you jointly serve? What are the terms?
Creating systems by leveraging other people’s time, skills, or collaboration is a form of business.
4. Cashflow Management is important.
Small purchases won’t necessarily plunge you into financial failure. The problems start when they become regular and are unimportant.
Don’t be miserly, but don’t be a spendthrift instead.
Identify the things that are necessities, and prioritize them. Don’t burn your cash unnecessarily.
Buy now, pain (pay) later, is not always in your good interest.
­5. Choices
Carefully weigh your money options.
Learn to negotiate better, and think through your choices. Identify leakages and bleeders, and take necessary action where necessary.
When you feel pressured to make a purchase, practice the 24-hour rule, i.e., give yourself 24 hours before making the purchase, and see if you feel the same way, 24 hours later.
For capital expenditures, weigh your options and see if you really need to make that purchase.

6. Contentment is key.
Here’s where the importance of dealing with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), comes in.
There will always be temptations, and shiny object syndrome will continue to plague the world.
Be happy for them, when others flaunt their possessions online, but please remember your financial picture per time, and most importantly what your current income can afford.
Don’t borrow to shine.
7. Count your blessings in the midst of it all, and trust God for better days ahead.

Have you seen my  YouTube video titled “You Can’t To Be Broke In 2022?
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Here, rooting and fruiting for you.
I am cheering you on to living your best life ever.

Sola Adesakin
Lead Coach & Founder
Smart Stewards

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