I loved watching football when I was much younger, and back then, I was so invested in football that I could tell the names of the clubs of many of the Nigerian players that were playing in Europe, what they were earning, and their lifestyle.

And when I saw the documentary titled “Beckham on Netflix, I knew it was something I was going to watch. To be honest, it’s one of the most inspiring series I’ve seen on TV in recent times.

I noted a few points from the series that I thought I should share.

📌Life is better understood and appreciated in retrospect.

📌We all age; youth is fleeting.

📌People have always hated and used hate speech, and it won’t stop soon.

📌 Success brings both friends and critics; failure tends to attract more critics and haters.

📌 Keep growing and reinventing yourself. What made you relevant in one season may not be relevant in another season of your life.

📌Choosing the right life partner can make the journey smoother. It’s easier to navigate life when you have a supportive spouse.

📌Even mentors and coaches may let you down at times.

📌People will sometimes castigate you for the things you didn’t have control over and for your mistakes.

📌Celebrity life is far from easy.

📌Document moments, videos, and photos, especially for your children.

📌Live your life as though a story is being written about you.

📌Parental support is so important. Identifying and spotting your children’s gifts and helping them nurture them when they are young is priceless.

📌Whether you sink or swim after you make a mistake and get a lot of criticism for it is a choice you have to make.

📌Plan your finances as you navigate the various seasons of life. Be strategic about how you generate income. There are skills that may not be able to fetch you money forever unless you reinvent.

📌Take cues from your body, your mind, and the times and seasons. Know when to take a bow—not just to retire but to move on to the next phase of purpose.

📌I like that David Beckham featured not just the “good” parts of his career in his docuseries. He also featured Landon Donovan, who had publicly reprimanded him for taking the US club with levity. They worked through it like a team; he put in his best, and they did magic together.

📌David in the series, said “I am happy about how our children have turned out”. He said this like two times. Being a celebrity’s child is not a licence for “anyhowness”. Because he was someone who moved around a lot, there must have been someone who also gave her her time and best. Give it to his wife, Victoria Beckham.

You can be a celebrity and have time to nurture your family and work hard for your home and marriage to “work”.

📌Spot your children’s gifts and help them hone it. Beckham’s dad, Ted, in the series, said, “Whenever he played, I phoned the clubs up and got the videos sent to me. I got about 1,300 or 1,400 games on video”. “I was a bit worried about the size of him,” Ted says. “So that’s when we started giving him Guinness and raw egg”.

David also said, “I saw my mum and dad working hard every day until 11 or 12 o’clock at night, and I knew the only way to be a professional footballer was to work hard,”- David. Source: The Sun

If you haven’t seen the docuseries, you may want to consider watching it. Don’t forget to share your learning points!

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