Life is about building, changing, restarting, improving, reinventing…and much more.

I got tired of me a few years back and wanted something new, something different. I wanted a change, I wanted something fulfilling and purposeful. This desire was to birth a new me.

Actually, every individual on the journey of bettering themselves ought to be in a constant state of building, transitioning, change, growth and learning because life becomes meaningless without reinvention, transition and change.

The need to reinvent is life in itself. There is always a desire for something better, something new, a change, a restart, or else you become caged; you may burn out, and even become depressed. Reinventing cancels out all these negatives.

A State of transition can be challenging, but it births a new you which becomes exciting. It could be you doing the same thing but in a new way, or it could be you doing something entirely different.

Quite a few examples come to mind. I noticed that the likes of Business Mogul, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria move from one product line to another; sugar to cement to crude oil refinery e.t.c.

Dr Sam Adeyemi is a pastor but went further to complete his PhD and in addition to his pastoral duties, he now serves as a consultant to top executives and global leaders, organizations and big corporations.

Sola Adesakin (my personal finance Coach) keeps reinventing and birthing a newer version of herself and the mandates she stewards. Different versions of the Smartstewards initiative have been birthed: the Inner Circle, the Smart Investment club, The mastermind, and The Smart Steward Junior Club, to name a few.

Purposeful people constantly reinvent, whether it is in business, in their careers, or in matters of faith and life.

I studied Computer Science as my first degree, but am currently doing something entirely different in business. Presently, I am yearning for something new, because life is absolutely about reinvention.


To Reinvent, you have to go through what I call SELF RADDCI. This is having a relationship with your creator, and going through a process of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-development, self-care, and Implementation. Let’s break this down:

Relationship with your creator – Put God first in all you do, He is the creator of Creativity. To be transformed, you need God Almighty to lead you and renew your mind. He alone gives the power and grace of Reinvention.

Self Awareness – Know thyself and be true to thyself. Whatever keeps you going, go for it.  Whatever keeps you down, remove it, separate from it!

Self Discovery – Search the inner you, go deep into you and understand who you are. Create quiet time to pray and ask your maker to help you discover you and what you are created to deliver.

Self-Development – Self-development is very key. Read books, get a coach, surround yourself with people that have great minds, take a course that will improve and birth a better you, and join a group that develops you. Within the Smartstewards communities, you are sure to find what works for you. Attend trainings, summits, conferences, e. t. c

Self Care – Take good care of you. Love you. Eat well. Rest well. To reinvent, you need you in a good and healthy body, you need a sharp mind.

Implementation – Knowledge without application is a big zero. Implement and apply your learnings. Know what works for you and what doesn’t, but ensure you are implementing the knowledge acquired. Don’t be the one who becomes constipated with knowledge just because you are not sharing and giving an outlet to what you are learning.

I always look forward to the Smartstewards Summit, because it is always a time of transformation and reinvention.

This year’s Summit which got recently concluded has begun to gradually take me on the journey of reinvention. Replays to the 2022 Summit (which by the way was Phenomenal) are available for a fee. Click the link here to access your journey into reinvention.

Remember, to reinvent, you constantly need to hear and listen to the right teachings. The replays of the Smartstewards Summit 7.0 are available to help you reinvent, I am going to digest these replays myself so I can unleash a better version of me. You may also call Ope on +2349051936972 or Tomi on +2348023120992 and either of them would help to get you started.

Dear friends, it’s TIME TO REINVENT!

Toluwalase Makinde studied computer science and has acquired various certifications in Information Technology.

Reinvention led her to become a seasoned entrepreneur and the lead executive at Gilgal Meat Mart and Gilgal Foods.

Toluwalase is a God lover and a Sexual Abuse advocate for toddlers and teenagers, she is passionate about girls becoming great women in the society.

She is blessed with a beautiful family to the Glory of God.


  • Reinvention is not optional if you don’t want to stagnate. God did not create us to be static. He created for growth, expansion and dynamic existence.
    This statement stood out for me. Being conscious of this truth will help us to keep pushing forward, against all the odds, to become a better version of ourselves.
    “A State of transition can be challenging, but it births a new you which becomes exciting. It could be you doing the same thing but in a new way, or it could be you doing something entirely different.“

    Inspiring and enlightening write up!

  • Sade says:

    Awesome read. Thank you for these helpful tips on re-inventing oneself.

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