Hey girlfriend! Howdy!

So, today’s post is about YOU! Buckle up and let’s take this ride together!

You are well known for showing up! Yes! And you show up well for others. How about we turn on the searchlight on how you show up for you? Let’s see if you are doing a good job or if you need to improve in one or more areas. This should help you become and live aware of showing up for you in your best version. Come on now! Let’s go!

The average female is so sacrificial. Girl, lady, woman, whatever the variant – tall, short, dark, light, young or old, the female species is wired to submit, she is wired to be considerate of others, she stretches way beyond normal levels sometimes and basically just puts everyone else above herself. She is so resilient and adaptive and can take on the most extreme things without even showing traces of bearing that weight!

But hey, while we applaud your superwoman tendencies, we wanna turn the searchlight on you, we wanna correct every disjointed and out-of-place belief system.

Therefore, for the female being to give her best to others – be it at the family level, in her community, at her job/career/business and whatever she’s committed to doing, it is imperative that she masters showing up for herself. Once she is able to accomplish this self-mastery, you can bet that such a woman or someone of this female specie can give her best to all others who depend on her.

Look out, girlfriend! You and I need to start being more intentional in showing up for ourselves.

Girl, it’s high time you stopped having faith and/or convictions for others more than yourself! Believe in and Promote the Brand YOU!

You need to own being your own best cheerleader! Others will cheer you but you must not be shy about applauding your beautiful self. You owe it to yourself! Again, Believe in and Promote the Brand YOU!

You must be intentional about championing your own cause! While you help others accomplish their goals, ensure yours is not dragging behind. Remember, when you are present and consistent on your own course, others you are helping will be proud of your accomplishments too.

Many a time, women look to others for validation but it is time to work on you! It is time to begin to show up for yourself as necessary in every area of life!

How then do you show up for yourself?

Know and understand the dynamics of what season of life you currently are in. This is key and it’s so you can deal appropriately with situations, circumstances, people and all that may be presenting itself at that point in time. Don’t go promising people cash or assistance when you know your finances cannot accommodate any extra stretching at that point in time. It’s okay to say NO and not have to stretch yourself. It’s okay to put yourself first! Remember, it’s a season and another season will soon show up that would again change your dynamics and reality so don’t sweat stuff.

Prioritise Self Love. Not putting yourself on the back burner of life is so essential. There is the need to stop castigating yourself or trying to meet all expectations put on you. Look in the mirror and see the beauty within and be okay to revel in it. Never feel bad while pampering yourself. Don’t allow those guilt trips! It’s very okay to love on you! In fact, it’s most needed! You’d see you are happier and more effective.

Equip yourself with skills that will advance you. Always remember that personally, career-wise or business-wise, YOU are the greatest asset, hence pay attention to ensure the best version of you gets experienced per time and this means you show up for yourself in getting better at whatever you do. Get more certifications, trainings and whatever is necessary to position you more advantageously. While you are at this, your income and value are sure to be impacted positively.

Daily affirm yourself. If you have not been engaging in this practice, try saying affirmations to yourself, especially in front of a mirror. You’d see it is so therapeutic. In time, as you constantly develop and stay on this habit, you’d find you are less critical and judgemental about yourself hence even your thought process and deliverables become of better quality.

What other ways can we as ladies show up for ourselves so that our families, friends, communities, nation and world can better enjoy our best versions? Share with me in the comment section and let’s further learn and grow together.

Much love sister!❤️

Aderinmola Emukpoeruo is a children enthusiast, Christian compere, writer, blogger, spiritual coach and an avid reader and lover of books. She is the visionary at Mothers United in Prayer and Praise Ministry International, (MUPP) a ministry with the mandate to serve the body of CHRIST, the nation Nigeria and indeed nations of the world, preserving homes, families and heritages. She is the Lead Coach at The Prayer Ark Coaching Academy. She blogs at www.wordparfait.com and hosts a podcast (wordparfait) on anchor.

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