Joan and Eunice met in my store last week.  Joan came to buy an accessory and Eunice came to discuss a rental package.

Eunice needed exceptions to lessen her cost and that wasn’t in our rental policy so, of course,  I nicely declined. 

She proceeded to gist me/us about how she needed to stop this despondent feeling of sadness at not being able to really contribute to her wedding, and how it was affecting her relationship with her fiancee.  He wasn’t nasty,  just aloof most times as the days became closer. Joan who had finished her purchase complimented Eunice’s beautiful eyes and that made her smile, and as she awaited a cab she had ordered, she chipped in her two cents.

Here’s what Joan said:

1) If you ever find yourself sad/unhappy /out of control, deliberately make someone else feel better ( that was what she herself had done earlier, to Eunice) as she herself was going through some rather a life boggling issues.

2) Focus on what’s working and amplify it:  the new project,  a supportive family, etc.

3) Whatever you’re going through, good/bad,  know that it will “come to pass”.

More like, rest in the knowledge that most things are fleeting in this world.

As they made to leave,  I chipped in my tested and trusted life hacks ……….

1) choosing gratitude,

2) praying ( venting to,  not at him,  mine,  sometimes in writing/ talking out loud,  to get things off my chest). I still did this morning.


3) Tune in to your “happy mode( could be a place of thought or an activity ), mine is lending my service /talent to causes that impact. 

Have you ever had to decide on snapping out of a despondent situation,  please share with us? 

 Adetokunbo Amosu is a Creative trainer/ Entrepreneur .

As one of the In- house Coaches at Smart Stewards, she adds value to the team in charge of Customer conversions and spreading the gospel of the Make-Manage-Multiply Money that Smart Stewards is tasked with.

When she is not serving a customer, you can catch up with her on on IG sharing everyday practical customer engagement experiences with her ‘mostly’ Retail Business Owners tribe. 

She is a Collaborations Champion and enjoys Public Speaking. 

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