You and I will agree that an unending influx of bills, requires earning more than your current salary. 

Don’t ask me that savings nko?  You can’t save your way to wealth!  E shock you 🤔🤔😀, that’s the truth.

So to conquer this monster called bill paying,  you will: 

A) Invest in more knowledge of personal finance. 

B) You will go and resurrect the diamonds on your inside (yes, someone here should be singing for money or planning events for a fee but iro ,  we are not ready for that reflection yet. 

C) Lastly, for today,  acquiring new skills will save you.  I mean every skill from vocational to tech skills to business support services like virtual assisting to affiliate marketing e.g me helping Funmi Olanrewaju to sell packets and packets of her delish ponmo and earning from it.

My dear friends, bills won’t stop getting interesting o.  You are the one that must make up your mind to deploy these hacks I listed above. 

Gist me what you currently do to manage your bills.

 Adetokunbo Amosu

Adetokunbo is a Creative trainer/ Entrepreneur.

As one of the In- house Coaches at Smart Stewards, she adds value to the team in charge of Customer conversions and spreading the gospel of the Make-Manage-Multiply Money that Smart Stewards is tasked with.

When she is not serving a customer, you can catch up with her on on IG sharing everyday practical customer engagement experiences with her ‘mostly’ Retail Business Owners tribe. 

She is a Collaborations Champion and enjoys Public Speaking. 

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